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SAMI Court Program Overview

SAMI Court Judge:  Honorable Noah E. Powers II

Mission Statement
The mission of SAMI is to enhance public safety by preventing recidivism, while assisting participants in taking responsibility for their behavioral health issues. SAMI shall use effective, evidence-based interventions and treatments in a holistic, accountability-based, community-supported approach.

Goals and Objectives
Goal: Assist participants to lead a clean and sober lifestyle while achieving stable mental health.
Objective: Participants shall abstain from abusing illegal drugs and prescription medications, which shall be monitored through random/observed drug testing.

Goal: Enhance the community and public safety by reducing recidivism.
Objective: Participants shall be supervised by the Adult Probation Department to ensure additional crimes are not committed.

Goal: Improve living circumstances of participants involved in the Program.
Objective: Participants shall receive ongoing psychiatric services/case management, obtain stable housing, establish pro-social relationships, and establish aftercare psychiatric services while in SAMI.

Participation Agreement
A Participation Agreement has been created detailing the rights and responsibilities of the participants in SAMI. The participant has a right to the detailed, written participation agreement outlining the requirements and processes of SAMI. The Participation Agreement includes the participant’s right to request the attendance of defense counsel during the portion of the treatment team meeting concerning the participant.

Participant Handbook
A Participant Handbook has been created detailing SAMI requirements, rules, phases, incentives, sanctions, and termination criteria. The participant shall receive a written copy of the Participant Handbook.

Contact information:
Kristen Plieninger, Manager
Phone: 513-785-5721
Fax: 513-785-5719

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