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The Court Administration Office provides support services to the judiciary, staff and the general public. The office handles evidence management, case scheduling and notification of parties, appointment of counsel for indigent defendants, juror excuses and information, inventory management, purchasing, personnel and training/travel and staff development. Responsibilities of the administration office employees also involve coordinating accommodations for special cases, scheduling visiting judges and performing duties as assigned by the administrative judge.

Mediation is an option for parties who are interested in resolving their disputes without going to trial. A case may be referred to mediation if it is apparent that both parties are interested in negotiating an agreement. The Court Administration Office assigns a mediator to the case from a rotating list of attorneys who have met certain Butler County Bar Association qualifications and have been approved by the General Division judges to handle mediations. The mediator helps to define areas of agreement and disagreement but does not impose a settlement. He/She is simply there to help the parties come to a settlement agreement that is fair to all involved.

Contact Information:
Wayne G. Gilkison, Court Administrator

Kristen Plieninger, Manager of Court Administration

Administrative Assistants:
Erica Stewart
Nancy Halderman
Andrea Anglin
Sandy Fowler
Cindy Baker
Amanda Adams
Mamie Lewis

Phone: 513-785-6550
Fax: 513-785-5719

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