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The Butler County Probation Department is committed to the protection of society, providing services to the court and offenders, justice for victims, the reparation of the community, and accountability and personal development of offenders being punished for their criminal offenses.

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Department Information:

In 1952, Butler County had two (2) programs that dealt with offenders under supervision: Adult Parole Authority and Juvenile Court Probation.

The Common Pleas Court Judges recognized the need to provide a department which supervised felony offenders on probation and the Judges formed a County Adult Probation Department to provide services for the Court. In the late 1960's, the Adult Parole Authority established a unit within the Probation Department to assist in the supervision of offenders. In 1990, the Probation Department was authorized to implement the Community Corrections Act Program for Butler County and established an Intensive Supervised Probation unit. The Department began supervising adult offenders from the Butler County Juvenile Court in 1995 and accepted supervision of misdemeanant offenders in 1984 from the three County Area Courts. A pre-trial unit was established in 1997 before moving under jurisdiction of the Court in 1999. The Department is presently organized into four separate units under the Department of Court Services (Special Programs, Investigations, Administrative Services and General Supervision).

The Adult Probation Department and Pretrial Services are located at 824 Martin Luther King Blvd, and Specialty Courts is located in the Government Services Center, at 315 High Street, on the third floor. The Day Reporting Center is at 820 South Martin Luther King Blvd in Hamilton.

Contact Information:
Wayne G. Gilkison, Chief Probation Officer

Robert Menke, Deputy Director

Milton Bradford, Manager

The Special Programs Division is responsible for the supervision of offenders referred to the Probation Department with special needs. Substance abuse specialists who also supervise Drug Court cases and the drug testing lab and staff are within this unit. The unit also consist of officers who are sex offender and domestic violence specialists and officers supervising specialized caseloads of non-support offenders. The electronically monitored house arrest and community service programs are a function of this unit. An Intensive Supervised Probation program with offices in Hamilton and Middletown provides the court with a sentencing alternative for the most serious felony offenders who are placed on community control. ISP officers provide maximum supervision for a short period of time to a limited caseload of offenders and enforce any special conditions imposed by the court.


Kristen Foster, Manager

Probation Officers assigned to the Investigations Division are primarily responsible for investigating offenders in the course of conducting a pre-sentence investigation of the courts. The purpose of a PSI is to aid the court in determining the appropriate sentence, assist correctional facilities in a classification and treatment program and to aid probation officers in rehabilitative efforts during supervision. The report is a comprehensive study of the past and present life of the offender for the purpose of learning as much about the person's character and personality as is possible. The report will detail the instant offense and include victim statements and accurate restitution information. Officers in this unit will also conduct investigators as ordered by the court for judicial release, expungement, sexual predator status, etc. and complete offender background investigations for institutions. Probation Aides in the Investigations Division work In the courtrooms as liaison between the court and probation department and refer offenders after conviction and sentencing.

Charles Beatty, Manager

Staff of the Administrative Services Division of the Adult Probation Department are responsible for the initial intake of offender reporting to the department as well as case initiation for offenders placed on probation or community control. The department typists prepare finished Pre-Sentence Investigation Reports, Judicial Release Recommendations, Offender Background Investigations and other reports for the courts. The bookkeeping department is responsible for the collection of all court ordered restitution, fines, court costs and fees as instructed by a supervision probation officer. The general operations of the office, maintenance of the probation department records and preparation of the various forms and reports are a major function of the manger and staff of this division.

Andrea Heintzman, Manager

Most offenders referred to the Butler County Adult Probation Department eventually are supervised by the General Supervision Division. The officers assigned to this division receive offenders referred directly the Courts for probation or community control and also are responsible for supervising offenders who are bing "stepped-down" from a special program such a the Intensive Supervised Probation Program. These officers can supervise the same offender for periods of up to five years and during the period of supervision are required to report to the court on the offender's activities. The probation officer has a duty to require the offender to abide by the orders of the court in regards to obeying laws, fulfilling financial obligations, obtaining treatment and any other orders of the court or the offender may face additional sanctions, including incarceration. Officers supervise all felony and misdemeanor offenders referred by the Butler County Common Pleas Court. Within this unit there are also officers assigned specifically to supervise offenders referred by the three County Area Courts.

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