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Judge J. Gregory Howard
Judicial Assistant, Kathy Dozier
Bailiff, Greg Blankenship
Fax 513-887-3675
Magistrate, Stephanie Ogg

Judge Jennifer Muench-McElfresh
Judicial Assistant, Linda Clark
Bailiff, Alan Halcomb
Fax 513-887-3621
Magistrate, Justin Lane

Judge Michael A. Oster Jr.
Judicial Assistant, Shirley Lakes
Bailiff, Rich L. Bush
Fax 513-887-3285
Magistrate, Lynn A. Busch-Heyman

Judge Charles L. Pater
Judicial Assistant, Terri Ballinger
Bailiff, Craig Keller
Fax 513-785-6582.
Magistrate, Ronald James

Judge Noah E. Powers II
Judicial Assistant, Tammy Maxwell
Bailiff, Dusty Blackman
Fax 513-887-5667
Magistrate, Matt Reed

Judge Keith M. Spaeth
Judicial Assistant, Kimberly Reynolds
Bailiff, Rick LoBuono
Fax 513-785-5757
Magistrate, Sara C. Hirka

Judge Greg S. Stephens
Judicial Assistant, Melinda Barger
Bailiff, Jamie Wilson
Fax 513-887-5646
Magistrate, Daniel Gehr

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