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Closing arguments: The lawyers have the opportunity to summarize the evidence in their closing arguments and to try to persuade the jury to accept their client's view of the case. Closing arguments are not evidence.

Defendant: The person against whom a lawsuit is brought.

Deliberate: The jury panel meets in private to decide their verdict.

Opening statements: The lawyers for each side may explain the case, the evidence they will present and the issues for the jury to decide.

Plantiff: The person who files the complaint or lawsuit.

Preliminary instructions: At the close of all the evidence, the judge may submit to the jury the charge of the court. This will include legal instructions on this particular case and the questions that the jury is to answer from the evidence admitted.

Rebuttal: Evidence given to explain, repel, counteract or disprove facts given in evidence by the adverse party.

Verdict: When the jury has answered the questions asked of them they shall return their verdict. The verdict must be based solely on the evidence presented by the parties, the charge of the court and the rules of law provided by the judge.

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