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If you have a reason that you think would excuse you from jury service, please write it in on line 12 of your questionnaire and return it to the General Division Administration Office in the envelope provided.

If you are age 75 or over, you may be excused unless you state on the questionnaire that you wish to serve.

If you are no longer a resident of Butler County, please mark your questionnaire ‘non-resident' and return it so that you can be removed from the jury pool.

If you have a medical condition that you feel would excuse you from jury service, please note that on your questionnaire and attach a physician's statement.

If you have days throughout the term with previously scheduled appointments, vacations, or out of town business, please note those dates on the questionnaire, and you will likely be excused for those days only.

You will be notified by telephone whether or not you have been excused for any of these reasons, unless you are a non-resident or over age 75 and do not wish to serve.

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