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Summons for Petit Jury Service

Term of Service:

In Butler County Common Pleas Court, jurors are selected for a 2-week jury term. You may be called to serve at any time during that term. You may also be called more than once during your term. It is also possible that your services will not be needed at all during your term or you might appear on the date scheduled, and the parties may settle prior to the trial beginning.

The jury questionnaire that you have received is your official summons for jury duty.  Receiving your juror summons and completing the juror questionnaire is very important, so please read and follow the instructions. Respond honestly and within the time indicated. It is important to take the summons seriously because a person who fails to appear or respond may be guilty of civil contempt, enforceable by an order to show cause for the failure to comply and by a fine up to $500.

Please understand that just because you are not excused from the initial phase of jury (Returning the Juror Questionnaire) selection does not mean you will be seated on any jury. You are only making daily calls after 3:30 during your selected 2-week jury term. You could go the entire 2-weeks without ever coming into the court house, and just because your juror number is announced in the automated system, there is no guarantee that you will be seated on a jury the following day. The following day does take a few hours, but at that time you will be able to voice your reason as to why you need to be excused and at that time your excusal will come from the Judge and counsel.  All prospective jurors can be assured that special circumstances will be addressed on an individual basis.

If you have question about the ability to be excused please see below for more information.

Excusals upon timely application to the court,

  • A person who has served on a jury within the preceding two years.
  • Any nursing mother, upon her request, and with a written statement from her physician to the court certifying she is a nursing mother.
  • Any person whose absence from his or her regular place of employment would, in the judgment of the court, tend materially and adversely to affect the public safety, health, welfare or interest. This does not usually excuse law enforcement or fire suppression employees from service as each request will be reviewed on an individual basis, with written statement from supervisor.
  • Licensed health care workers, if such person can provide a written statement certifying that he or she is actually providing health care services to patients, and that the person’s service as a juror would be detrimental to the health of the person’s patients. A Licensed health care worker are any physician, hospital, health maintenance organization, ambulatory surgical center, long-term care facility, dentist, registered or licensed practical nurse, optometrist, podiatrist, pharmacist, chiropractor, professional physical therapist, psychologist, physician-in-training, and any other person or entity that provides healthcare services under the authority of a license or certificate.
  • Teachers upon request with written statement from supervisor.
  • Members of cloistered religious organizations may request to be excused. A certification of the employment and obligation or constraint may be requested by the courts from the employee’s religious supervisor.

Mandatory Excusals:

  • Age: If you are over the age of 75 and wish to be excused, Please so indicate on lone # 12 and return the questionnaire. 
  • Served in the last two years: If you have served (meaning you were Not Excused) on a jury within the last two years and wish to be excused, please state so on #12 of the juror questionnaire. 
  • Out of County: If you are no longer a resident of Butler County you are ineligible to serve on a jury in Butler County. You most reply to the Juror summons by completing the juror questionnaire and including verification of your current address. Verification includes, but not limited to copy of ID, Driver License, copy of utility bill or rental/purchase agreement.

 Optional excuses;

  • Employment Issues:  To be excused from jury service because your employer will not compensate you for time spent on jury service, you must submit a letter of verification from your employer on company letterhead.  The letter must indicate that it is company policy not to compensate employees while serving on jury duty.  To be excused from jury service because you are self-employed you must write a letter on company letterhead stating that it would be a hardship for you and your business to serve on jury duty.  
  • Student:  To be excused from jury service because you are a student you must submit a copy of your school schedule that verifies you are a student who is currently enrolled.  If you do not have access to online schedules you may also obtain a letter from the school in which you are enrolled.  
  • Medical Hardship:  To be excused from jury service because of medical reasons you must submit a letter from a medical professional stating that you will not be able to serve on jury duty.  If this issue is of a chronic nature please ask the medical professional to indicate that on the summons.  If you are the care provider to an elderly parent or child you must submit a letter from their doctor that identifies that person as needing your consistent care or supervision.  

Be Aware of Jury Scams

Ohio courts do not require anyone to provide any confidential information via telephone call or e-mail. Any contact between Butler County Court personnel and a potential juror would be regarding an excusal and by phone, as we do not send excusal letters, except in rare instances. Any telephone call or e-mail threatening the recipient with fines or jail time for failure to comply are fraudulent, are in no way connected with Butler County Court of Common Pleas and should be reported to local law enforcement officials.

In order to be called for jury duty in Butler County you must first receive a summons in the mail.  If you have received a phone call or any other suspicious correspondence from anyone claiming to represent the Jury Commission Office, Sheriff's Office, or any other court personnel, please contact us at 513-785-6550 to verify any potential jury duty obligations. 

Please note that the Court Administration Office will never ask you for, collect, or use your social security number.