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Instructions for Completing the SCPO Petition

These instructions are intended to assist you in preparing the petition for a Stalking Civil Protection Order (SCPO), which can only be heard by the Common Pleas Court in your county. Throughout the petition you are called "petitioner" and the person who you are filing this against (the alleged stalker) is called "respondent."

Please note: In addition to the text version below, you may download the instructions in pdf format here. The freely available Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Some hints before you begin

  • Type or print ONLY on the petition.

  • Write your name on the peition the way it appears on your signature.

  • Write your name and respondent's name the same way throughout the petition.

  • Fill out the petition as completely and accurately as possible.

  • If you have any questions about completing the petition, ask for assistance.

    Filling out the petition

  • On the front page, leave the "Case No." and "Judge" lines blank. The office will fill in this information.

  • On the top left-hand side of the front page, fill in the requested information about yourself. If you do not want your present address to be known, write "confidential" in the space for your address, but list an address where you can receive notices from the court.

  • Also on the top left-hand side of the front page, fill in the requested information about respondent as best you can. You may use respondent's work address if you do not know respondent's home address. If you do not know respondent's date of birth or social security number, leave those lines blank. Do not attempt to obtain this information unless it is safe to do so.

  • At item 1 on the application, if you are filing the petition on behalf of yourself, mark the first box.

  • At item 2, if you are filing the petition on behalf of a family or household member, mark the box and fill in their name(s) and the other information requested in the chart. You may attach additional pages if necessary.

  • At item 3, state the date(s) of the incident(s) that brought you to file the petition and provide a brief description of what happened that caused you to believe that the respondent will cause physical harm or mental distress to you or another family member. Note: It is NOT required that respondent be related to you or the other family members in any way. If you are aware of any prior convictions of the respondent for menacing by stalking, list what information you know about those convictions. You may attach additional pages if necessary to complete your description.

  • At item 4, indicate the action you want the court to take by marking the boxes next to the numbered paragraphs that apply to your situation.

  • At item 4(g), write any special court orders you believe would help ensure the safety and protection of you and your family or household members.

  • At item 5, be sure to mark the box next to item 5 if you need an emergency ("ex parte") protection order.

  • At item 9, list ALL present or past court cases or investigations that involve respondent. This includes all criminal, divorce, custody, visitation, bankruptcy cases, and any other case that may have a bearing on the safety of you or your family or household members. Write the case name, the court, the case number and the outcome of the case, if known. You may attach additional pages if necessary.

    Signing the Petition

    If you download the petition from this site, try to fill out the petition before you go the clerk's office. DO NOT sign the petition unless you are in front of a notary public or a deputy clerk in the clerk's office.

    Filing the Petition

    There is no filing fee for a SCPO petition.

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